Brett Bezad holds a Masters in Communication Management from the Annenberg School of Communication at the University of Southern California. His extensive work in the field of communication management has allowed him to hone a skill set that is conducive to the more bureaucratic side of entertainment. In addition to his training on stage and screen, he has also developed skills that have made him adept in:

  • employing survey statistics using SPSS software to analyze data and employee satisfaction

  • voice and speech training for professional presentations

  • writing and brainstorming concepts and copy for social media/social media management

  • assisting corporate consolidation and transition processes through communication management and change studies'

  • strengthening communication in organizational settings using SWOT analysis, communication theory, defining initiatives and values, strategy, and branding

Brett's unique background and insight into both the performance and administrative facets of the entertainment industry allow him to participate in productions more fully as his work does not end with the drop of a curtain or the closing of a lens.